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Steven Moll

The most experienced Jet Ski rider in the world, Steven Moll has guided an expedition to circle the planet with Jet Ski Personal Watercraft for the television series Dangerous Waters. He has over 100,000 miles behind him and traveled to 47 different countries around the world. Having navigated some of the most dangerous water passages on earth, Steven brings a unique understanding of the marine environment and how to safely negotiate a variety of ocean conditions.

Drake Stanley

Drake began his water experience at the age of five years old surfing with his father off the coast of California.  His passion for big wave surfing and PWC water rescue ended up with Drake as one of the lead EMT rescue operators at Mavericks Big Wave Surfing in North California.  Drake has thousands of miles logged guiding the Inside Passage of Alaska and brings years of safety experience to the team. 

Frank Quirarte

For twenty-five years Frank has been on the water both surfing and involved with the World Surfing League doing both PWC water rescue and professional photography.  Frank has traveled all over the world in a variety of extreme conditions to support water safety and rescue.  As the head of the PWC water rescue team at Mavericks his leadership and experience ensure a safe journey.

Mark Friend

Mark brings a vast amount of knowledge to the Dangerous Water Adventures Team.  Spending most of his life at sea, Mark is a certified USCG captain, naturalist, open water rescue diver, and has years of experience on jet ski personal watercraft.  Mark also brings to the team in depth medical training and wilderness survival certification.  Marks calm demeanor and safety minded outlook makes him a great asset to our high adventure expeditions.  

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